Unipole Advertising

What is unipole?

Unipole signs are basically an advertising sign which have a frame structure and are generally mounted atop a single steel pole or column.

The single pole is preferably used as it proves out to be a common feasible solution that makes a billboard clearly visible alongside all the highways and roads without taking much space. Thus a Uni-pole is actually a large-format of a billboard type which is strategically placed atop a very high pole. It is made more effective by this height only as it makes it visible from a very long distance.

For the illumination of a Uni-pole advertisement any of the following two options can be used- Light box/back lit or front lit.

How Unipole advertisements are used?

In recent times uni-pole has become an effective tool for outdoor advertising.

Unipole advertisements can sometimes consist of two or three large rectangular boards sitting on a single pole. They cater to the audience of the different directions. Usually all the sides are utilised by the same advertiser only. Uni-poles need to be delicately used and the effectiveness of the message depends on the presentation of it by the advertiser. Height of the uni-pole makes it compulsory for the advertisers to use clear and large fonts for to convey the messages.

Unipoles are basically manufactured using high end raw material and are capable to be installed easily in any outdoor location.

Most popular feature of unipole advertisements is that they enhance the advertising effect, are easy to assembly with designed structure, strong and usually shock resistance.