Bill Board Advertising

What is bill board?

Billboards are the most popular kind of Outdoor Advertising medium prominently used in India and the World. Billboards are also known as Hoardings in India and many other parts of world like UK. Billboards are the huge boards with advertisements posted over a panel made of metal or wood. Though as of today this traditional nature of billboards has changed with time due to the introduction of Digital Hoardings and other creative experiments. But the thing that has remained unchanged is the strong hold of billboard advertisement in the outdoor advertising agency.

How Billboards are used?

Following the boom in Advertising agency, today hoardings are among the first things that you will encounter while on a walk to the nearest market or drive to the office. Also it’s not easy to attract the attentions of the passerby or make hurriedly moving fast drivers to divert their attention and have a look at an advertisement.

This herculean task is made easy by the selection of an appropriate site for installing Hoardings. Primarily a crossing, a busy road with slow traffic, railway gates, markets with huge footfall make for the ideal place for the placement of a hoarding site.

Technology like everything else has also revolutionized the Hoarding segment. As of lately, Digital hoardings are slowly becoming very popular among Indian advertisers. These hoardings primarily consist of a large LCD screen or a dynamic plasma screen over which the advertisements are placed. Generally a number of advertisers get the chance to advertise on a digital hoarding. The screen of the digital billboard is programmed to display a single advertiser for some fixed period of time and this cycle is repeated on hourly basis. This makes for a very economically viable option and is also more interesting for the viewers. has unmatched ensemble of strategically placed hoardings in different categories throughout India. We offer you a wide variety of choices to select the most appropriate site for displaying your advertisement according to its requirement. Register on portal for to get the best billboard sites at very competitive prices.

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